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Christmas Events at St. John's - 2023

Sat. 2nd Dec - 10.00am Christmas Coffee Shop

Sat 2nd Dec. - 7.00pm - Praise and Worship Night

Sun. 3rd Dec - 11.00am - Morning Worship (Advent 1)
Sun. 10th Dec. - 11.00am - Parade Service (Advent 2)
Sun. 17th Dec. - 11.00am - Morning Worship (Advent 3)
Sun. 17th Dec. - 6.00pm - Carol Service
Sun. 24th Dec. - 11.00pm - Morning Worship (Advent 4)
Christmas Eve - 11.30pm - Midnight Communion
Christmas Day - 10.30am - Family Celebration
Sun. 31st Dec. No morning service. Online service available - please contact us for details.
All are welcome to join us for any or all of these events.
We wish you and yours a very happy and peaceful Christmas as we celebrate again the birth of Jesus into our world. 


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