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Christian Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important decisions two people can make. Having a Christian wedding is quite different from a civil ceremony and we want the whole experience to be a positive one.


We recognise that it is not just about preparing for the wedding day itself - but for a lifetime of togetherness. As it states in the Methodist marriage service, "marriage involves the giving of a man and a woman wholeheartedly to each other."


A Christian marriage is not just about getting married in a 'traditional' building but one that seeks God's blessing as we try to follow the example given to us in the Bible. All couples seeking to get married at St. John's are invited to attend worship as an important part of preparation for a Christian wedding.

If you are thinking about getting married at St John's then the first step is to contact the minister who will answer any questions and if appropriate arrange to come and meet with you to discuss things further.

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