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Sunday Worship

Worship remains central to the life and ministry of St. John's. Every person is valued - from the youngest to the oldest. As a church we encourage the use of our God given gifts and we appreciate all who use their gifts to enable God's people to worship.
11.00am - Morning Worship

As a Methodist Church we welcome a variety of preachers at St. Johns - both lay and ordained. For this reason there is great variety and diversity in style and presentation. What's important is that our services remain biblically focused. Worship is always to the glory of God!

As a church we are keen to explore new forms of worship and encourage a greater balance of styles to cater for people of all ages and tastes. As a general guide the whole church meet together for the first part of the service and then the young church meet separately for their own activities.


Our regular family and parade services are always special when we meet together as a whole family. The preaching plan gives details about who is preaching and the kind of service it will be this Sunday. We would love to welcome you...!


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